The Impression Pad takes the guesswork out of saddle fit...

Place it under your saddle, after a 30-minute ride you'll know exactly

how your saddle fits (or doesn't). The Impression Pad can be used

over and over again after leveling it with a (kitchen) rolling pin.

Works with English, Western, Treeless & most Panel saddles.


USA 6.615,568  CDN 2,382,678  DE 60012949D

European 1214270  PCT/CA00/01060

"The Gold Standard for Saddle Fit"

Learn more about the Correction Pads...

The Impression Pad shows you where the problems are.

The Master Correction Kit allows you to build Correction Panels

(at home) that will correct most saddle fit problems.

All the parts Velcro together for easy assembly and adjustments.

Correction Pads are pocketed to accommodate the Correction Panels.

The Pads are manufactured to your specifications. Choose from a

variety of styles and colors in our English or Western catalogue.

We combine a Cordura rip-stop nylon shell with two layers of quilted

cotton. The Pads are elegant enough for the show ring, yet durable

enough to stand up to everyday use.

“Crafted with extreme pride”

$219 plus shipping

$279 plus shipping

“Saddle fit can not be accurately

determined on a stationary

horse, the horse must be moving

with a rider in the saddle”

Debbie Bourget